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Johnson County Congregation

  • Redeemer Foundations

    Get Equipped
    Wed. 10/8-10/22
    7 pm

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    Redeemer Foundations is a three-week class hosted by our pastors designed to teach you who we are, what our core values are as a church, and what we mean when we say that “Jesus changes everything.” It will meet at 7 pm on 10/8, 10/15, and 10/22 at Matt Marasco’s home. Childcare is not available.

Midtown Congregation

  • Redeemer 201

    Live in Community
    Sun. 10/12

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    Redeemer 201 is a four-week class taught by our pastors to help you get to know us and help you meet others who are new to Redeemer. 201 is our best effort to help you understand who we are and give you the opportunity to step into some new relationships. And, if you decide Redeemer is the place for you and you want to join a Gospel Community, new groups will be formed on the final week of Redeemer 201.
  • Neighborhood Night

    Live in Community
    Every Other Monday
    6 pm

    Rachelle Crowe

    Every other Monday of each month we host a Neighborhood Night with our neighbors at Alcazar. We hang out play games with the residents. If you are interested, please meet at Redeemer at 6 pm and we will walk over together. If you have any questions, email Rachelle at
  • Our Neighborhood, Our City

    Live in Community
    Sat. 10/4
    9 am - 12 pm
    Westport and Blue Hills

    Rachelle Crowe

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    On October 4, we are hosting “Our Neighborhood, Our City,” an event designed to provide our church opportunities to meet, serve, and build relationships with our neighbors throughout Kansas City. Our partners will be the Westport Neighborhood and the Blue Hills Neighborhood. Our Neighborhood, Our City’s goal is city renewal. Projects will range from general clean-up to gardening and beautification. If you have any questions, email Rachelle at

Church-wide Events

  • Premarital Class

    Get Equipped
    Sun. 10/6 - 11/16
    4:30 - 6:30 pm
    Midtown: Room 100

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    This class is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples an opportunity to address the biblical meaning of marriage, common pitfalls couples face, and be equipped with tools that will bless their relationship.
  • Theology of Redemption and Restoration

    Get Equipped
    Mon. 10/20 - 11/24
    6:30 - 8 pm
    Midtown: Chapel

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    As one theologian says, “Theology is about life, and it is not a conversation our souls can afford to avoid.” Whether we acknowledge it or not, theological questions affect every aspect of our lives. How can we know God? What does it mean to be accepted by God? Does God care about my daily life? What does the future hold? How we answer questions like these will determine how we make decisions, how we deal with hardship, and how we find purpose in this life. In this class, we will discuss the doctrines of Redemption, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the End Times to see how they affect our everyday lives.