News & Events

Johnson County Congregation

  • Johnson County Christmas Eve Service

    Worship Together
    Wed. 12/24
    5 - 6 pm
    Redeemer Johnson County

    Join us in celebrating the arrival of Jesus at our Christmas Eve service on 12/24, from 5-6 pm, at 8714 Antioch Road, Overland Park, Kansas. This year, our Christmas Eve service will have special elements aimed to help children participate in worship.

Midtown Congregation

  • Neighborhood Night

    Live in Community
    Every Other Monday
    6 pm

    Rachelle Crowe

    Every other Monday of each month we host a Neighborhood Night with our neighbors at Alcazar. Our next Neighborhood Night will take place on 1/4, as we take a break for the holidays. If you have any questions, email Rachelle at
  • Redeemer 101

    Live in Community
    Sun. 1/11
    After Every Service

    If you would like to learn more, a great first step is to attend Redeemer 101. Redeemer 101 is a short meeting where you can learn more about our church, find out how to get involved, and ask any questions you may have. The next 101 is on 1/11 after any of our Sunday services.
  • Second Wednesday Prayer

    Worship Together
    Wed. 1/14
    5:30 - 6:20 pm

    Join us in the Chapel Wednesday, 1/14, from 5:30 – 6:20 pm as we meet to sing and pray together. No childcare is available.
  • Midtown Christmas Eve Service

    Worship Together
    Wed. 12/24
    4:30-5:30 pm and 6-7 pm
    Redeemer Midtown

    Join us in celebrating the arrival of Jesus at one of our Christmas Eve services on 12/24, one from 4:30-5:30 pm and one from 6-7 pm. This year, our Christmas Eve service will have special elements aimed to help children participate in worship. There will be childcare available for children up to age 2.

Church-wide Events

  • Conception & Misconceptions

    Get Equipped
    Wed. 1/21 - 2/11
    6:30 - 8 pm

    Kevin Cawley

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    Studies vary concerning the percentage of couples experiencing infertility, but our own experience and the communal narrative in which we live attests to widespread struggle for couples attempting to conceive children. The agony of infertility is complicated by the medical and social choices advanced reproductive technologies have created. Amidst the litany of voices and opinions, what does the Bible say about reproduction, infertility, and reproductive technology? How can we labor as Christians to ensure our ethics is shaped by a Biblical worldview and not merely by pragmatic concerns?

    The goal of this course is to facilitate a conversation that is often gestured at, but rarely entered into. Our hope is that whether or not you’re a Christian, and whether or not you personally struggle with infertility — you will gain exposure to information and stories that inform personal decisions and deepen communal dialog.

    Childcare will be provided.

  • How Christians Grow

    Get Equipped
    Mon. 1/26 - 2/16

    Kris McGee

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    The Bible is clear: God promises to change you; it is his grand eternal plan to do so. Since eternity past, the mission of God has been to save and sanctify a people for his glory—to redeem and re-create a holy people. Thus, the destiny of every Christian is to be fully conformed to the holy image of Jesus.

    But how exactly do people change? How do I actually grow and mature in Christ-likeness? In this four-week class, we will talk about the key components of spiritual formation and equip you with a framework for pursuing Jesus and conformity to his holy image.

    No childcare provided.

  • Premarital Class

    Get Equipped
    Wed. 2/15 - 3/29

    Kris McGee

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    This class is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples an opportunity to address the biblical meaning of marriage, common pitfalls couples face, and be equipped with tools that will bless their relationship.
  • Digging Deeper: The Book of James

    Get Equipped
    Wed. 2/25 - 3/25
    6:30 - 8 pm

    Bob Gibler

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    The book of James has been the object of much criticism and debate throughout the history of the church. It’s ignored by some and loved by others. However, when rightly understood, it’s a book of immense value that demands our attention. In this class, we will dig deep into the content of this letter and see how it instructs us to live out the truths of the gospel. As we look at this letter, we’ll see God as the one who gives and takes away; we’ll see what true wisdom looks like; we’ll see how we are able to face trials and temptation; we’ll see how we should view poverty, riches, and oppression; and we’ll see how faith and works are rightly related. The book of James will encourage us to be doers of the word and not hearers only.