3 Tips For Affordable Christmas Shopping

Nov 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday! As December 9th approaches, many of you have asked some practical questions about the best way to shop for Affordable Christmas.

Here are three quick tips that will help you choose a gift to buy.


All the gifts at Affordable Christmas are affordable: gifts are sold at 1/10th of the estimated sticker price. But, every year, there is always a need for mid-range to upper-range presents. So, if you’re deciding between buying one bigger gift or multiple small gifts, go with the bigger gift.


Over the years, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what our partner families like and what they don’t. Sometimes, the toys your own children may be crazy about may not be the best gifts to buy! Legos, Easy Bake ovens, and anything that requires extra purchases are not recommended. As you shop, consider whether your gift would require any long-term maintenance or ongoing expenses (i.e. batteries, supplies, etc.).


Although we still need gifts for all age categories, our highest need is boy and girl teenage gifts. We’ve found that larger gifts go a longer way with this group. If you’re stuck, you can view our Amazon Wish List here

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you shop for Affordable Christmas. We are so thankful for the thousands of gifts our community donates every year, and couldn’t put on this event without you!

If you have any questions about Affordable Christmas, please email ACinfo@redeemerkansascity.org

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