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Introducing Our New Gallery Show

Sep 23, 2016

As we step into our series in the book of Psalms on Feelings, I wanted to make you aware of a supplementary way our church will be engaging these eight Psalms and the emotions in them. Starting this Sunday with HURT, Redeemer Midtown will be displaying paintings by local artist Kelly Kruse in the Gallery.

Each week there will be a set of two paintings on display that seek to grapple with the Psalm itself and the nature of the emotion we are looking at that week. Our hope is to display all sixteen of the paintings together for several months after the end of the Feelings series throughout our gallery spaces at Redeemer.

Each set of paintings has a “dark” and a “light” image—and is an attempt to grapple with the idea of how we respond to our emotions either in sin or as invitations to experience the redemptive power of Jesus. It is my hope that these paintings will provide another way for us to engage in this series, and that these representations would actually bring us into deeper places of grappling with our emotions in the midst of our fallen world, groaning in hope as we await the full redemption of all things in Christ Jesus.

More than just making you aware of the pieces, and what is going on the next eight weeks, I wanted to offer a few suggestions of how to engage this material.

  • Take some time to take them in. Sometimes it is easy to pass by the pieces in our gallery, but I would invite you to take some time to intentionally stop and look at these pieces. There is an intentional corollary between the paintings and the Psalms/feelings we will be looking at in our service, so it may even prepare and engage your mind and heart as you enter worship on Sunday.
  • Don’t necessarily try to “figure them out”. Kelly paints in an abstract manner intentionally in a way that works well with a series on feelings. Her presupposition is that some things cannot be communicated only on concrete levels, and therefore must be communicated in abstract (or visceral) means. Spend some time thinking not “what do these mean”, but “how am I experiencing these”.
  • Return to the paintings after the service. It may be a profound practice to go and look at the paintings again once you have sat through our worship gathering—after you have sung, prayed, and heard from God’s word—to re-engage these paintings. You may be surprised at how you engage them differently.
  • I am praying that God would use these eight weeks to profoundly impact our lives, and that using different mediums in our Sunday gatherings would facilitate spaces for us to experience God’s truth, and become more fully alive before him.

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