Life Resources / Worshipers & Citizens Week Ten

Mar 11, 2018


Sanctity of Life Issues



  1. How does Scripture’s view of God and our resurrected Christ give Christians a uniquely high view of all human life? How does it differ from a materialistic (secular) worldview
  2. In the pro-life/pro-choice discussion or in the refugee discussion, do you believe we run the risk of privileging one type of human being while dismissing another type of human being? Why or why not?
  3. Have you ever had a discussion about abortion with someone who was pro-choice? How did that conversation go? Why do you think we struggle so much to engage this topic in face-to-face conversation?
  4. When others say you shouldn’t impose your religious views about being pro-life onto them, how do you respond? What about in our society—is it right for us to legislate what we believe are natural human rights?
  5. How does Psalm 139 affect our view of the unborn, the refugee, the marginalized?
  6. Our mission centers on our redemption in Christ alone through grace alone. However, as a gospel-centered church why must valuing, protecting, and caring for human life be included as a necessary part of our mission?
  7. With a myriad of human life issues in our world, we cannot possibly be proactive in most cases. What are the most present within our city and your neighborhood? How can you take one step toward advocating, welcoming, or caring for those nearest to you?
  8. How does the gospel of grace specifically affect our posture by which we care for refugees, fostered and adopted children, those navigating unplanned pregnancies, and unborn children? How can your Small Group begin cultivating a gracious culture that welcomes the most vulnerable around us?

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