Money Resources / Worshipers & Citizens Week Nine

Mar 04, 2018

We are designed to treasure things! Jesus isn’t telling us not to treasure things, he is telling us which kinds of things to be treasured. Treasuring God enables us to be free from anxiety, to benefit from God’s joyful generosity extended to us in His Kingdom, and to live lives of generosity — sacrificial giving to the poor and joyful re-evaluation of material goods in light of the eternal riches offered to us in communion with God himself.



  1. If you received an unexpected sum of money—worth one week of pay—how would you react? What would be the first thing you want to do with that money?
  2. Why does money reveal our heart so effectively and accurately?
  3. Luke 12:13-21: A grateful heart is a heart that is 'rich toward God'. What is the heart problem of ingratitude, and why does it lead to money problems?
  4. Luke 12:22-23: Life is more than perceived needs. The majority of what we are able to tell ourselves we need, we don’t actually need. What is the heart problem of need, and why does it lead to money problems?
  5. Luke 12:22-31: We don’t have a money, possession, or location problem—we have a kingship problem.  If you are ungrateful and misdiagnose your needs then you are liable to be a very anxious and discontent person. What is the heart problem of discontentment, and why does it lead to money problems?
  6. Luke 12:32-34: It is impossible to give and receive if you remain self-oriented—meeting your own needs and comparing yourself to others. What is the heart problem of envy, and why does it lead to money problems?
  7. How can we deepen our identity in Christ and protect ourselves from seeking a false identity in material things?
  8. Take a detailed inventory on how you spent (or did not spend) your money the past few weeks. What small purchases did you make? How generous were you with your money? What might this inventory reveal about the treasures of your heart?


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