Place Resources / Worshipers & Citizens Week Eleven

Mar 18, 2018

The Bible gives full expression to the sense of placelessness/exile that we all feel — but tells us that exile is not original. And exile is not final! The reconciling work of Jesus enables us to be placemakers — redefining place for us by giving our longing for place an eschatological, eternal orientation — thereby reorienting our participation in local contexts. How can we explore the implications of this for such a transient demographic? How does a Biblical understanding of place correct some of the fundamental DNA problems of Redeemer Fellowship — particularly as we talked about creating a space for people to connect with God and connect with one another? How can our unwitting efforts to create something more abstract be corrected by the reforming realities of place in light of the Kingdom of God? We don’t need “spaces,” we need a place. That is, we need a home. The Bible orients our souls to the eternal nature of home in the new heavens and new earth — enabling us to be faithful placemakers in the midst of exile.


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