Season of Pursuit

Dec 30, 2018

Over the last several months, as we approached our 10-year celebration, we spent a lot of time both reflecting on the ways God has worked in our church, and asking God for what was next. As we got closer and closer to the event, it became more and more evident that the call to our church in the next season was not a new program, or a new set of activities, but rather a call to pursue him with focus and renewed zeal. In response to that, we have decided to call an intentional and focused season of pursuit as we begin the new year. We are asking everyone in our church to join us in a focused way from January 7 until February 9 to seek God in renewed and focused ways, to fast, and to pray. Our desire is that our whole church would engage at some level throughout this season.

The primary focus of this season is to intentionally stand before the Lord and to seek to hear his voice. To ask him to show us what is next (both for us and individuals, and for us corporately as a church). Our desire is that in setting aside the business of our lives to slow down and pursue him, that we would experience more of him in this season — more of his voice, more of his presence, more of his power, and ultimately more of his glory!

Throughout this season we will provide on-ramps to respond corporately and resources to help you engage individually, but the invitation is clear and simple, to intentionally respond to his call and pursue him together as a church in this season. 

Some ways to engage: 


Throughout this season we will be hosting corporate prayer meetings both in Johnson County (Tuesday nights) and Midtown (Wednesday nights). These prayer meetings will be contexts for us to pursue God together, and to ask him to speak, to move, and to bring a season of renewal and refreshing to our church. Next Sunday, we’ll publish a full schedule of these, and we’d like to invite you to consider making these prayer meetings a part of how you engage this season in a focused way.   


One of the primary ways we are asking people to engage this season is to fast. Though not exclusively a “season of fasting” (meaning, we are not calling people to fast for the whole season), it can and should be a season of intentional and focused fasting. If you have never fasted before there are many great resources for engaging the practice (“Fasting for Beginners”, “10 Things You Should Know About Fasting”, or a blog Brian Key wrote for a season of fasting in 2017). If it seems scary to you, maybe pick a meal a week to start out with, and ask God for grace to follow through.


One of the ways we are most often distracted from pursuing the face of God in our contemporary moment is that we too often put our faces in a screen, and don’t realize how much of our lives are eaten up there (just feel the weight of the “Screen Time” analytics on your iPhone!). If how we spend our moments is how we spend our lives, spending hours daily in front of screens does not bode well for us in the long run. What if, during this season, you began to retrain your affections away from spending your time distracted on Instagram and Netflix, and put your face in the Word of God in a focused way? What might happen to your loves if, for a month, you turned off your screen in a focused way and prayed, worshiped, or communed with other people in meaningful ways in those moments?
Make a plan, ask for grace, and stick to it: Whatever it might be, meaningful things rarely happen by accidence (there is a reason they are called disciplines). Take some time before 1/7 and sit down and prayerfully think through a plan. Maybe ask God to speak to you and give you an idea for what pursuit would look like for you in this season. Plan it out. Then, share it with a friend; ask God for the grace to do it; and don’t make excuses to not do it (not in a fundamentalist, rigid, works-based way — but in a grace-filled, laying hold of all God might have for you in this season kind of way).
Our prayer is that the Lord would mark this season in a unique and powerful way in the life of our church as we seek to set aside time to pursue him in this way.  

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