Student Ministry Missions Trip

Jun 27, 2019

When I was 18 years old I had the opportunity to visit the nation of Guyana in South America on my first short-term missions trip and it changed my life. I gained a deeper perspective of and gratitude for the global work God is doing. I was able to worship with a local body of believers very different from what I had experienced before, yet united by the same Spirit. There is a lot to learn from experiencing another culture, and this is the type of transformative experience I’ve longed to provide for our students since I first began leading our Student Ministry over four years ago. Because of this, I am overjoyed to share that I have the privilege of leading a team with one of our student ministry leaders, Erin Schooler, 8 of our high school students, and Bob and Janice Stuck from Avant Ministries, to serve local churches in Panama City from July 12-18.

We will spend most of our time improving a campground called Campamento El Amanecer (“Camp of the Sunrise”), and developing relationships with local families. This campground is run by an association of churches in Panama that are the fruit of missionary work from Avant Ministries for several decades. We will be doing mostly physical labor like brush removal, landscaping, painting, and building repair work. 

We will also have the privilege of joining a local church to worship together on Sunday and help lead a service. We are asking God to do major redemptive work in the hearts and souls of our students, and we hope for this to be an annual trip that grows in scope and depth and size as time goes on and relationships grow.


Each of our students are raising roughly $1500 for a plane ticket, lodging and transportation while in Panama, food, vaccinations, passport, and a financial gift we will present to the camp director and staff to bless them and help them continue the work. God has already marvelously provided much of the finances needed but we are still asking Him for more so our costs can be completely covered prior to our departure. 

If you are interested in helping meet the financial needs for our team, you can give to students individually or to the whole team HERE

You can also buy a T-shirt for $20 as a way to support the work. Email Jared if you’re interested.

Any funds we raise above what is needed for this year will go towards future trips, which we hope to take two missions trips with students in 2020! 


Finally, we ask you most of all to pray for us. 

  • Please pray that God would ignite a holy passion in the hearts of our students, that they would be captivated by his glorious global mission to spread the Good News of Jesus as King and give their lives to advance His kingdom.
  • Pray that this would merely be the first step in a much longer gospel partnership between our church and churches in Panama, that God would begin to catalyze relationships that last a lifetime between Kansas City and Panama City.
  • Pray for unique opportunities to share the Gospel with those who are not Christians. 
  • Pray that we would bless the local believers we come in contact with, that they would received encouragement and strength from us. 

Thank you in advance for your support of this important work, may God do abundantly beyond what we could ask or imagine!

Jared Crabtree
Associate Pastor of Families

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