Worship Night With Redeemer Fellowship

Feb 15, 2017

I would love to invite you to our first ever worship night at Redeemer Fellowship—which is to take place in Morton Hall (3939 Main St), on Thursday, February 23, at 7:30 pm.

Over the past several months, Redeemer’s collective of worship leaders and musicians have gathered to fellowship together and seek God’s face in worship. Each of those gatherings has been a powerful time of communion with God, and there is a growing desire in us to open the doors and invite others to share in what the Holy Spirit is stirring up in our community.


For some time now, I’ve been dreaming of ways to create contexts for us to seek God together in a way that is slightly different than a Sunday morning. While the work of formation that happens each and every Sunday is essential to the life of the church, I also know that taking time once in a while in slightly different contexts will provide additional spaces for our congregation to grow in depth of communion with God. 

I also hope that this night provides an opportunity for other believers in our city (even from different churches and ministries) to worship together in one place—as an expression of what we will do for eternity as the family of God. I would love to see places where the church in Kansas City is unified in its efforts to see Christ exalted and our city changed.

Toward these ends, we want to open the doors and invite as many as would desire to come and worship together with us.

Please visit the link below and tell us that you are coming!


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