Small Groups are groups of 12-18 people who meet weekly in homes throughout the Kansas City area to "Follow Jesus Together."


Follow Jesus...

At its core, to be a Christian is to follow Jesus. We believe that Jesus changes everything and that as we follow him our lives will be transformed. Jesus didn't come to simply transform us individuals. Following Jesus draws us into community with others who are being transformed.


We are not meant to follow Jesus alone. We need one another and God designed community to be the environment where Christians grow and thrive by pointing one another toward him. Small Groups are a tangible expression of God's grace to redeem disjointed, sinful individuals and bring them into a community that lives as an expression of his power to transform lives.

How to Join a Small Group

There are two ways to join a Small Group. The first is through natural relationship: groups regularly add friends, neighbors, and family members throughout the year. You can also reach out to Pastor Will Turner to learn more.

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Questions? We have answered some frequently asked questions below. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

What do small groups do?

Small Groups exist to help us follow Jesus together, we focus our time on three practices: studying, sharing, and supporting.

Studying: Most of our meetings will primarily focus around the study of God’s Word in coordination with our previous Sunday’s sermon. The goal of this time is to hear from God as we study the Word together, share our observations, and help one another to apply the text to our lives. Our hope is that through our study the Holy Spirit will implant the truth of God’s Word in our hearts and it will take root in our day-to-day experiences and relationships.

Sharing: Each week we want to see group members sharing what is happening in their lives—joys, sorrows, sins, struggles, places where we feel like God met us or spoke to us, or places where God feels distant. Some of this will happen during the study, but most of it will happen in informal conversations before the meetings start. We also try to facilitate space for sharing by hosting family meals together. Meals slow things down and bring us closer to one another. We see these meals as an opportunity to create space for us to encounter the Spirit of God. In fact, we think that the conversations at family meals can help create the kind of relational depth needed to apply God’s Word to one another’s lives.

Supporting: Each week we will learn how to take care of one another as Christ commanded. This care will take many forms, such as praying, listening, meeting needs, encouraging, and even challenging one another as needed.

What's my required commitment?

Joining a group costs something—presence and participation. It requires a ten-week commitment to be present for weekly meetings. Obviously, allowances are made for sickness, vacation, work conflicts, and other special events, but not much more. It also requires your participation to come prepared for sermon discussions by listening to the sermon ahead of time and reading the text that is being discussed.

At the end of each quarter, you will have the choice to recommit to your current group or to try another group. It might take a few tries before you find the group that fits you best. Our hope is that you will find a group that you can develop friendships in for many years to come.

When and where do they meet?

Most of our Small Groups meet on weeknights for 1-2 hours, starting around 6:30 or 7pm. We do have a handful of groups that meet on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings. Our groups meet in three 10-week quarters and take a break for the summer.

What about childcare?

Children are invited to participate in family meals, but childcare needs to be arranged during sermon discussions. How childcare looks can be very different depending on whether your group has two children or 20 children. Childcare options should be a group decision.

As they look for childcare solutions, all of our leaders are guided by these principles:

If you are a member of Redeemer Fellowship, you have made a covenant to provide a positive Christian influence in the lives of the children in your group. Children are a part of the group—they are not a burden but a blessing that we must steward. The childcare solution must promote safety. Childcare isn’t only the parents responsibility but that of the whole group.

What about teenagers?

We desire to see middle school and high school students all over the metro be transformed by God’s grace and grow to understand what it means to love and follow Jesus. Student Ministry has weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings at Morton Hall. The evenings include both large group and small group discussion. For the smaller group times, students divide by age group and gender for specific application. These times are led by teams of adults who have demonstrated godly leadership at our church, and feel a specific calling towards leading and serving young people.

Click here to find out more information about our student ministry. If you have questions, contact us at

Email us your questions.

We exist to cultivate communities of transformed disciples who live for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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