Church Planting Sunday 2016

Nov 17, 2016

Since day one of Redeemer Fellowship we have shared a commitment to Church Planting. As a church plant ourselves, we’re committed to seeing communities of believers raised up all over the globe who work to see God glorified and their cities become better places to be.

There are several expressions of this commitment we want to highlight today.

First, 10% of our annual budget is allocated for church planting and kingdom partnerships. This year, that’s $350,000!


One primary partnership is with Fellowship Associates. The Fellowship Associates residency was born in 1999 in Little Rock, AR, out of a commitment to develop and release church planters all over the world. Since then, dozens of leaders and dozens of churches have been planted, and Redeemer Fellowship is one of them.

Each year, we give money to Fellowship Associates, as well as host their group of residents three times in Kansas City for training and development.

In addition, we have growing networks of church planters from around the country that we are partnering with. This Sunday, our church will have the opportunity to hear from three of them. At both Redeemer JOCO and Redeemer Midtown, we will welcome church planters who will preach across all our services.


Here is a list of church planters and churches we are partnering with this year. Take a moment to get to know these guys, pray for them, and consider ways you can support them. Maybe you know someone in their city, or maybe God is calling you to pack bags and move to help support one of these churches!

  • Thomas Anderson | DC Metro Area | Email Thomas
  • Drew Cline | Little Rock, AR | Email Drew
  • Brad Edwards | The Table Church | Boulder, CO | Email Brad
  • Rechab Gray | Epiphany Fellowship | Philadelphia, PA | Email Rechab
  • Daniel Hood | Hill City Church | Springfield, MO | Email Daniel
  • Watson Jones | Restoration Church | Philadelphia, PA | Email Watson
  • Rob Maine | Renaissance Church | Pittsburgh, PA | Email Rob
  • Joe Marino | The Well | Hastings, NE | Email Joe
  • Samuel Oricco | Xalapa, Mexico | Email Samuel
  • Bryan Padgett | Redeemer Church | Stillwater, OK | Email Bryan
  • Clint Patronella | Seven Mile Road Church | Boston, MA | Email Clint
  • Chris Poblete | Los Angeles, CA | Email Chris
  • Derrick Puckett | Renewal Church of Chicago | Chicago, IL | Email Derrick
  • Trent Senske | Minneapolis, MN | Email Trent
  • Charles Shannon | Norfolk, VA | Email Charles
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