Katz Building Update

Jun 30, 2021

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Since 2012, Redeemer Fellowship has owned the Katz Drugstore building across the street from our Midtown Congregation. Several years ago, it became clear to us that we do not have the resources to maintain and develop the building into its full potential, so we made the decision to sell the property to someone who can do so.

Since last year, we’ve been under contract for the sale of the building, which would be developed into apartments, supporting infrastructure, and some retail space.

Last week, Kansas City’s City Council voted against development incentives proposed by the buyer of the Katz Building, which are being sought to offset the high costs involved with renovating and preserving the building. We are disappointed with this result, and this week have filed paperwork with the city which, after three years, may allow for the demolition of the building, should we fail to find a viable project that both preserves the historic structure and develops the property into something that would benefit the neighborhood.

We do not have plans, hopes, or desires to demolish the Katz Building: we have taken many steps over the years toward its preservation and hope that City Council will work with the buyers to see this project completed. With that said, in light of the disappointing actions from City Council last week, we believe it is in our best interest to keep our options open regarding the future of the Katz Building.

Please direct all inquiries to Andy Bean, Director of Operations.

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