The first step to getting involved is to worship Jesus with us on a Sunday. Then, join us for a Redeemer 101.


Next Steps

Feel new here?

Attend Redeemer 101

Your first step to get more involved at Redeemer. At 101, you’ll meet our leaders, hear why we are here and what we are asking God to do in the city, and learn what it looks like to step into the life and rhythms of our church family.

Community Dessert

A casual first step toward meeting others at Redeemer. Whether you are brand new or a regular attender looking to meet others at Redeemer, you are invited to an evening dessert and conversation at the home of one of our members. Desserts are hosted every 6-8 weeks in the home of our members.

Ready to go deeper?


In a culture that values mobility and transience, we value the stability and security of a community that commits to living together as the family of God, being transformed, and expanding God’s mission in our city. The purpose of this five-week class is to give you insight into who we are as a church, what our members pursue together, and what it might mean for you to become a member of Redeemer Fellowship. Our goal is to present the essential theological, cultural, and philosophical “DNA” of our church.

Small Groups

Small Groups are formed from our DNA Class. We are not meant to follow Jesus alone. In groups we build relationships and begin practicing what we’ve learned in DNA as we follow Jesus together. Small Groups are a tangible expression of God’s grace to redeem disjointed, sinful individuals and bring them into a community that lives as an expression of his power.


After participating in a group, you’ll have the opportunity to become a member. The idea of a Membership Covenant is foreign to many people in our culture. Yet, as humans we are created to develop deeper root systems than our culture tells us—root systems of family, community, place, and time.


Every week hundreds of volunteers give of their time so that others can hear the message of Jesus. Join us as we show hospitality to our neighbors and our city. Serve at Redeemer.

Learn about other ministries at Redeemer

We exist to cultivate communities of transformed disciples who live for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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