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This residency exists to train deep character, high capacity minority leaders for broad kingdom impact in Kansas City, throughout the Heartland region, and beyond.


Since 2008, we have prayed that God would help us to be a part of a multi-ethnic movement of the gospel in Kansas City and the Heartland region in order to see cities transformed as men and women of all races reconciled to God and one another. As a church with a burden for church planting and transcultural ministry, not only do we feel the need to plead with God to send out workers for the harvest, we also feel a burden to be a part of developing and sending out ethnic minority leaders.


We will help residents gain a personal, theological vision for ministry that proceeds from a rooted sense of who God has made them to be. Residents will receive exposure to our ministry, be equipped by our pastors to shepherd within the local church, and get hands on experience applying what they are learning through teaching, shepherding, developing leaders, and missional engagement. Residents will also be provided an opportunity to pursue theological education at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to help build a strong foundation for pastoral ministry.



The Residency is highly selective as we want to invest our best time and energy into developing young leaders who demonstrate a call and desire to advance the gospel as pastors and church planters.

The ideal candidate is someone who is faithfully pursuing a relationship with Jesus, demonstrates high character, teachability, and a track record of faithfulness to serving the local church.

Candidates should also be confident in their desire to lead as a pastor within the local church, willing to submit to the leadership of our elders, and aligned with the doctrine, vision, and values of Redeemer Fellowship.

If you have questions or are interested in applying, email Pastor & Residency Director, Brian Key.


If you are interested in supporting the Residency financially, we have set up a fund through the National Christian Foundation. You can give to that fund here

If you are interested in giving securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) or real estate or other valuable assets, email Brian Key

Miguel Warren

Miguel Warren

"Personal soul work is often neglected in ministry. Skills will only get you so far. Your skills do not give you the spiritual depth you need to minister well. You must do the personal soul work, which never ends, and is hard to do because you have to face the reality of your brokenness, limitations, and insecurities as a man daily. This residency trained me to do my own soul work so that I could faithfully do the work of ministry. If you have a call on your life and you're wanting to learn and develop as a pastor while at the same time desiring to engage the personal soul work for two years, I say come, but come humbly, ready to work, and committed to the process. In the two years of this residency God helped me see and experience that ministry is more than preaching & teaching God's word. Through the leadership of Pastor Brian Key and Redeemer, God helped me deepen my love for His church. He also showed me that my voice has value, that being in the second chair does not mean second best. Most importantly, I learned how deeply I am loved by God whether I fail or succeed."

Daron Gray

Daron Gray

"I gained a better understanding of myself: my personality, my gifts, and my leadership capacity. The residency taught me to lead out of my authentic self and challenged me to lead from a place of weakness and not just strength.As a pastor, I grew in my ability to start asking the right questions. Prior to the residency I had a tendency to be emotionally reactive. The residency helped me cultivate a prayerful presence which challenges you to constantly ask God what he’s doing in any given season or situation.The main thing God accomplished was growth in the realm of character. It was made clear from the jump that if your goal is to merely be impressive in how you do ministry this is not the place for you. Because of that the Lord used the residency to help me own my story and grow in my pursuit of Jesus so that I can help others do the same."

Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

"Feel called to pastoral ministry? Not sure if you are ready personally, professionally, spiritually, mentally? Give two years of your life to be vetted and invested in at Redeemer Fellowship’s Minority Pastoral Residency. I genuinely believe having gone through the residency reduced the amount of people who would get hurt under my pastoring. This place provided an opportunity to have trustworthy men put eyes on every area of my life: my marriage, how I engage in day to day ministry, my strengths and weaknesses, etc. They tested the call of my life and pointed at areas of my life where I needed maturation. I walked out of the Residency a transformed man. A man who knows how to stand when plans fail, ideas fall flat, or when you see everyone around you moving on to the next thing while you wait on the Lord. Two of the biggest questions we have to answer in life were answered in my time at the Residency: who am I & who has God made me to be?"

We exist to cultivate communities of transformed disciples who live for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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