How to Give Online or from Church Center

Aug 15, 2022

To give, click Give to be taken to our give page or to the Church Center app on your phone. Type the amount you want to donate and then choose Next.

(1) Choose the fund you want to give to: Select the General Fund unless you are wanting to giving to a specific available fund.

  • From a web browser you can donate to multiple funds. See example below.

(2) Donation Frequency: If you decide to set up recurring donations, choose the frequency of the donation and the date that the recurring donation starts.

(3) Payment Method: Choose payment methods you've saved in the past, or add a new bank account, debit/credit card or Apple Pay to complete your donation.

(4) Donation transaction fee: Check the box if you want to cover the processing fee for the donation.

  • If you give through ACH (Automatic Bill Pay) there is a transaction fee of $0.25
  • If you give by debit/credit card or Apple Pay there is a transaction fee of 2.15% + $0.30

Click here to watch a "how-to" video for more help

  • CC Mobile Giving Example
  • CC Web Giving Example

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