The first step to getting involved is to worship Jesus with us on a Sunday. Then, join us for a Redeemer 101.


Next Steps

Here's what it looks like to get involved at Redeemer.

Attend Redeemer 101

Redeemer 101 is a short 15-minute meeting designed for you to meet us and us to meet you. You will meet our leaders, hear a bit more about why we are here, and what we are asking God to do in the city. Redeemer 101 is hosted once per month after our service at 3921 Baltimore. Find the next 101.

Join A Small Group

We believe that Jesus changes everything and that as we follow him our lives will be transformed. Although, we aren't meant to follow Jesus alone. Following Jesus draws us into community with others who are being transformed as well.

Small Groups meet weekly in homes throughout the Kansas City area to share meals, study and apply the Scriptures, discuss the sermons and pray for each other.

Groups are formed through our Redeemer 201 Class, a three-week gathering designed to discuss what it means to Follow Jesus Together. After three weeks, new small groups will be formed for five weeks of discussion and application. Learn more about 201 and Small Groups.


Every week hundreds of volunteers give of their time so that others can hear the message of Jesus. Join us as we show hospitality to our neighbors and our city. Serve at Redeemer.

Become A Member

We are called to corporately love our God and our neighbors. Members enter into covenant with their local body and function as the primary missionaries for the church to our city: placed in the culture to live out the gospel in word and deed.

Conversely, church leadership covenants with members to providing counsel, service, aid, prayer, teaching, guidance, and discipline, as necessary.

Other Ministries

Click any of the links below to learn about other ministries at Redeemer.

International Missions
City Initiatives
Student Ministry
Foster and Adoption

We exist to cultivate communities of transformed disciples who live for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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