We hold the issue of church membership in high regard. Members function as the primary missionaries for the church to our city.


What is Membership?

Church membership is your way of saying "I'm all in."

We live in a day where stability is dying and transience reigns. The idea of a covenant is foreign to many people in our culture. Yet, as humans we are created to develop deeper root systems than our culture tells us - root systems of family, community, place, and time. 

Understanding this, we hold membership in high regard. In a culture that values mobility and transience, we value the stability and security of a membership commitment to a local church. It is our desire to create a space for the family of God to commit with one another to live together as the family of God, to worship together, grow and be transformed, and to expand God's mission in our city. 

Step 1 - Membership Seminar

Step 1 - Membership Seminar

This weekend is organized to give you a picture into who we are as a church, what our members embody, and what it might mean for you to become a member of Redeemer Fellowship. Our goal is to present the essential theological, cultural, and philosophical "DNA" of Redeemer Fellowship.

We generally hold our membership class three times per year (once at each congregation, once church-wide).

Keep an eye on Upcoming Events for our next Membership Seminar.

Step 2 - Pastoral Meeting

Step 2 - Pastoral Meeting

After taking the seminar and filling out the Membership Form, you will be invited to meet with a leader from Redeemer for a Pastoral Meeting. In this meeting, you and a membership sponsor (this could be a small group leader or other member at Redeemer) will meet with a Pastor to learn about you, your relationship with Christ and others, and engage any questions or areas of need you may have. This meeting is nothing to be nervous about! These meetings are designed to serve you, encourage you and help you as you step into our church family.

I'm ready to fill out the Membership Form

Step 3 - Become a Member

Step 3 - Become a Member

During your Pastoral Meeting, you will discuss any next steps needed to finalize your membership. In many cases, this may simply mean signing your membership covenant. In others, your interviewer may recommend additional requirements such as baptism, service, counsel, or further reflection.

We exist to cultivate communities of transformed disciples who live for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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